Saturday, February 25, 2017

Making more progress with some pseudo-languages

I decided to solve a few more problems. After I used Smalltalk on 104, I entered into the thick of a bunch of annoying problems that are all very closely related, which is supposed to be convenient because you can reuse code, but isn't convenient for me. I found some languages to solve these problems. I solved 105 in Swift (which was a pain to setup...) and I solved 106 in Typescript (which I am willing to call it's own language even if it's basically just annotated Javascript). Then I decided to try something off the wall, and I solved problem 50 using exclusively C++ Template Metaprogramming. My solution actually causes gcc to segfault when run on the necessary input size, but I decided that it was logically sound enough to let be. Now I have freed up postscript, which should be a reasonable enough language to try to do some stuff moving forward with.

Current table:

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